The UK Border Agency works to a strict and rapid timescale when it comes to Tier 2 Suspensions. This means that anyone who is told that their licence is being suspended - for whatever reason - has to act quickly: the clock starts ticking as soon as notice is served.

Licence holders who are judged by their inspection officer to be in some way in breach of the terms of their license are informed by letter from the Sponsor Licensing Unit. Licence holders have just 28 days in which to respond to that notice in writing. If they are to account for any exceptional circumstances or put forward any other evidence showing that they should be entitled to remain on the sponsors register this is their only oportunity to do so. At this stage it is possible to ask for more time in order to make these submissions. If no reply is received by the Sponsor Licensing Unit within that 20 day window the decision to enforce a Tier 2 suspension will be implemented.

The Sponsor Licensing Unit will contact licence holders who have replied in the manner described above within fourteen days. Again this will be in writing. It is possible that the reviewing officer may extend the time-frame for his or her enquiry in order to fully establish the complexities of a particular case, but this cannot be assumed. Any Tier 2 Suspension will come into force on the date shown on the letter which informs the licence holder of that decision.

Such a short time-frame means that licence holders who are adjudged to be in some way in breach of their Tier 2 license must take immediate and informed action. With no second chances and little time for consideration the written response and any evidence that forms part of it has to be presented as impressively and as persuasively as possible. Put simply, the sooner anyone given a Tier 2 suspension notice gets professional help the better their chances of retaining their licence will be.

YDVISAS specialise in Tier 2 Sponsor Licence initial application and licence reinstatement in case of revocation.