Plans by European Union (EU) telecom commissioner Viviane Reding to institute an EU-wide telecom regulatory body similar to the FCC ran into a roadblock as telecom regulators in 27 EU member states recommended that the European Commission (EC) pursue its goal of harmonizing the EU telecom sector “under the existing legal framework.” The recommendation by the European Regulators Group (ERG) relates to Reding’s planned overhaul of rules governing the EU telecom sector, for which formal proposals are expected in July. Declaring that one of her chief concerns is to ensure that telecom rules are implemented uniformly in each of the EU member states, Reding has emphasized the need for an EU-wide telecom regulatory body that would replace the current patchwork of regulations, enacted on a state-by-state basis, that makes it increasingly difficult for businesses to operate across the 27-state region. While agreeing with the need for harmonized regulation, the ERG said there was no need at this time to establish an EU-wide regulatory authority. Proclaiming that national markets “will always be better regulated by national regulators,” an ERG spokesman called on the EC and Reding to “fully exploit [ERG’s] potential as an advisory body to the Commission” and stressed that closer cooperation between the EC and the ERG “will go a long way [toward] achieving the desired consistency of regulatory remedies without undermining the principle of subsidiarity.”