On November 23, 2015, Federal Reserve Bank of New York Executive Vice President Alberto G. Musalem delivered remarks regarding the New York Fed’s initiatives to endorse a positive banking culture. Mr. Musalem explained that the New York Fed’s interest in reforming culture is a product of events since the financial crisis, including recent incidents of misconduct such as the manipulation of LIBOR. In his speech, Mr. Musalem offered three messages to the banking industry: (i) cultural problems are the banking industry’s responsibility to solve; (ii) a bank’s implicit norms – especially those reinforced through incentives – must align with the public purpose of banking; and (iii) the aim of reforming bank culture should be to restore trust.

Mr. Musalem delivered his remarks at an event hosted by the Goethe University of Frankfurt’s Institute for Law and Finance titled “Towards a New Age of Responsibility in Banking and Finance: Getting the Culture and the Ethics Right.” His speech is available at: https://www.newyorkfed.org/newsevents/speeches/2015/mus151123.