The report identified a number of issues that arose as a result of on-site inspections and Risk Evaluation Questionnaires filled in by Credit Unions. Among the many issues raised were failures to implement the requirements of the Criminal Justice Act 2010 in a timely manner, lack of oversight of AML/CFT issues at board level, non-adherence to AML/CFT policies, failure to conduct adequate money laundering and terrorist financing risk assessment of the business and failure to define Politically Exposed Persons within policies. The CBI found that there were "widespread and common deficiencies" in some of the practices of credit unions. The CBI stated that it expects all credit unions to consider the report carefully and to be aware that they will be required to confirm annually that they have complied with the issues raised in the report. The CBI emphasised the importance of an AML/CFT framework being "established and embedded" into the business of credit unions.