As of November 10, 2008, each station airing consumer education information about the digital television (DTV) transition pursuant to Option Two of the FCC's DTV Education Order (which includes most commercial television stations) must begin airing DTV Transition Countdown Reminders. Each Option Two station must air DTV Transition Countdown Reminders on its analog and primary digital channels at least once daily during the 100 days leading up to the digital transition (i.e., through February 17, 2009), regardless of when the station is terminating analog service. Stations may provide the required reminders via static or animated graphic displays or via longer informational segments.

Option Two stations are also required to provide information concerning their DTV Transition Countdown Reminders with their next Form 388 (DTV Education Quarterly Report) filing, which will be due January 10, 2009.

These DTV Transition Countdown Reminders are in addition to, and separate from: (1) the DTV-related PSAs and crawls, snipes and tickers (CSTs) that Option Two stations are currently airing; and (2) any special notifications that a station is required to air concerning early reduction or termination of its analog or pre-transition digital service.

Before February 17, 2009, Option Two stations must also air, at least one time, a 30-minute DTV transition-related informational program between the hours of 8:00 am and 11:35 pm. Stations that have already aired this program are not required to do so again.