There are various visa classifications that can be used by foreign nationals who intend to visit Indonesia. The appropriate visa classification depends on the purpose of the visit and the visitor's nationality.

Visa Free Facility

Citizens of certain countries may also be eligible to use a Visa Free Facility to enter Indonesia. The determination of which Visit Visa to obtain to enter Indonesia - or whether a foreign national can use the Visa Free Facility - depends on (i) the traveler's nationality, and (ii) the traveler's intended activities in Indonesia.

Visit Visas

The 3 types of "Visit Visas" that a foreign national can use to enter Indonesia include the (i) Single Entry Visit Visa, (ii) Multiple Entry Visit Visa, and (iii) Visa on Arrival

Business Visa

Single Entry Visit Visas and Multiple Entry Visit Visas are commonly referred to as Business Visas. These Visit Visas are a full page stamp in the passport and require a sponsorship letter from an Indonesian entity.

Temporary Work Permits

For certain activities, a temporary work permit ("TWP") must be obtained by the Indonesian entity that is sponsoring the foreign national when he or she visits Indonesia. The Ministry of Employment has indicated that to obtain a TWP, the foreign national must hold a Single Entry Visit Visa sponsored by the Indonesian entity that will obtain the TWP. A TWP is required to perform the following activities: 

  • Making a commercial movie that has received authorization from the relevant agency;
  • Conducting audits, production quality control or inspections of Indonesian branches for more than 1 month; and
  • Work related to machinery installation, electrical, after-sales service, or products that are in business exploration stage. 

Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation ("APEC") Card

A foreign national who holds an APEC card can enter Indonesia for business purposes. Possessing an APEC card means that the holder does not need to apply for a visa when entering Indonesia. However, possessing an APEC card does not mean that the foreign national is relieved of having to obtain a TWP or a normal working permit (commonly known as "IMTA") and relevant visa (if required).

If a foreign national will conduct any activities that require a TWP, the Indonesian entity sponsoring the foreign national will need to obtain a TWP. The foreign national will need to obtain the Single Entry Visit Visa (i.e., there is no exemption to obtain a TWP (if required) if a foreign national has an APEC card).

If the foreign national will be working in Indonesia, the Indonesian entity sponsoring the foreign national must obtain an IMTA (and other related approvals and permits). Furthermore, the foreign national is still required to obtain a limited stay visa (commonly known as VITAS). In other words, an APEC card cannot be used if the foreign national will be working in Indonesia.

Permitted Activities

The TWP Visa Table shows activities that may be conducted in Indonesia by holders of different types of visas and citizens of certain countries who are eligible to the Visa Free Facility can conduct while in Indonesia. The TWP Visa Table also shows which activities require a TWP.