Coming home from work one Saturday afternoon, my client was knocked from his motorcycle at speed by a driver in the outside lane. The driver had intended to turn left. In doing so, she cut across my client’s path and hit him at speed. My client fell off his bike, hit the car bonnet and landed some 30 yards from where his bike had been. He was immediately aware of a serious injury to his right leg.

An ambulance arrived and took my client to a nearby hospital where he remained for the next week. X-rays revealed fractures of the tibia and fibula which were compounded and displaced. Emergency surgery was conducted to fix theses with intra-medullary locked nail and screw. I was instructed shortly after my client’s discharge from hospital.

Originally from France, my client was living with his partner in London. They shared a flat together and he was working full-time as a chef.

The offending driver was unknown. After obtaining the relevant details and notifying the insurers it was apparent that liability for the accident would not be an issue. I arranged for the client to attend an early orthopaedic assessment and secured an interim payment on account of his damages to fund the cost of rehabilitation.

Until this point my client was indoors, unable to get about and looking at a lengthy period off work for which he would not be paid. After a course of physiotherapy, it was evident that the metalwork initially installed to heal the fracture would need to be removed. Further funding was obtained for this to be done on a private basis.

After the second surgery, my client made a good recovery, although the final orthopaedic assessment suggested that some residual problems would remain permanently. Unable to return to work as a chef, my client began to train for a more sedentary job. I claimed his past loss of earnings in full as part of a detailed schedule which also included a claim for care and assistance provided by his partner and other relevant expenses. Future losses included a claim for lost earnings and the cost of some additional treatment recommended for my client.

Court proceedings were commenced because those representing the driver were unwilling to negotiate a reasonable settlement informally. Shortly after formal proceedings started a much improved offer was made which my client accepted in full and final settlement.

The compensation obtained went some way to ensuring my client’s swift recovery from his injuries which were caused by the negligence of the driver concerned. If you have been involved in a similar accident, please contact us as we may be able to assist on a ‘no win no fee’ basis.