Turkey has tightened manufacturing rules for cigarette papers, as well as prohibited adding sugars, flavouring and colouring during production. It has also updated the minimum requirements for health warnings on packages for cigarette papers. Most notably, the health warning on cigarette papers must now cover at least 65% of the package’s most visible side.

The Board Decision on the Convenience of the Cigarette Papers with Technical Regulations number 13016 and dated 17 May 2017 (“Decision”) was published in Official Gazette number 30103 on 21 June 2017, entering into effect on the same date.

Manufacturing Restrictions

The Decision introduces new regulations as follows:

– The product’s contents and toxicological data charts must conform with the guide and tables published on the Tobacco and Alcohol Market Regulatory Authority’s website.

– The product contents for cigarette paper must be written in Turkish, together with Latin words (if any).

– Use of sugar and flavouring when manufacturing cigarette papers is prohibited.

– Use of colorants during production of cigarette papers is prohibited, except for those used in trademarks, logos, figures etc. and bleaching materials.

– Use of benzene, methylene chloride, tetrachloroethylene, glycosal, mineral oil, and naphtenic is prohibited during production of cigarette papers, in cigarette papers, as well as in cigarette paper inks and border adhesives.

Warning Notices on Cigarette Paper Packaging

The Decision states that the front side of cigarette paper packages must contain a general warning on the most visible part, covering at least 65% of that package side (including black border lines). Prior legislation did not specify a minimum size for the warning.

The general warning must be:

– On a white background.

– Use black and bold Helvetica font.

– Use a text size allowing the message to occupy the widest coverage possible.

– Written in Turkish.

– Use initial capital letters, followed by lower-case letters.

– Printed irremovably, as well as be non-erasable, and indivisible when the package is opened.

The Decision prohibits:

– Placing misleading and deficient information on the visible outer package, the inner package, or tear tape of cigarette paper packages and cigarette papers.

– Creating the impression the product is less harmful than others on the market.

– Encouraging use of products, including use of any text, name, sign, insignia or colour which may mislead or encourage the public.

The Decision’s requirements do not apply to cigarette papers which are destined for export.

Please see this link for full text of the Decision (only available in Turkish).

Information first published in the MA | Gazette, a fortnightly legal update newsletter produced by Moroğlu Arseven.