Four European financial associations have requested a one year delay of the entry of application of the PRIIPs Regulation. The financial associations concerned are the European Banking Federation, Insurance Europe, the European Fund and Asset Management Association and the European Structured Investment Products Association. Amongst their concerns are that: (i) if the final RTS relating to the KID are officially published until the third quarter of 2016, it will only leave three to four months for product manufacturers and distributors to meet the 31 December 2016 deadline to provide the PRIIPs KID; (ii) PRIIPs manufacturers face considerable operational challenges to provide the PRIIPs KID to retail investors; and (iii) a number of fundamental questions are still unresolved in the final draft RTS proposed by the ESAs from a practical, technical and legal point of view. The final draft RTS were submitted by the ESAs to the Commission on 7 April 2016.