The following items are of interest to employers:

  • After having its initial finding of liability upheld by a Full Court of the Federal Court, the Federal Magistrates’ Court has fined Qantas and one of its managers $13,200 and $2,200 respectively, for engaging in adverse action and coercion against an employee who complained about being underpaid while on an overseas posting. The penalties represented approximately one third of the maximum which could have been imposed by the Court.
  • A Full Court of the Federal Court has also confirmed the lawfulness of clauses regulating contractors’ conditions, right of entry and union promotion in an enterprise agreement, dismissing an appeal by the AiG from a decision of a Full Bench of FWA which had, in turn, dismissed the AiG’s appeal from FWA’s initial decision to approve the agreement.
  • A Full Court has also dismissed an appeal from an earlier ruling of the Federal Court upholding a post-employment restraint preventing a senior employee from competing with his former employer for two years.