The much anticipated biometrics residence permits (BRP) for individuals travelling to the UK for more than six months (including students) commenced in Pakistan on 18 March 2015. Individuals who fall into this category will receive a 30 day multiple entry 'vignette sticker' in their passport instead of the current entry clearance endorsement which is issued for the length of the student's study.

The individual will be required to collect their BRP from a specified post office within 10 days of arrival. If the individual doesn't arrive within the 30 days then they will need to apply for a replacement vignette before travelling.

Educational institutions can allow a student to commence their studies on a valid vignette sticker. The visa expiry date will need to be monitored and the BRP will need to be checked once it has been collected. Therefore, to avoid undertaking two checks close together, some institutions may wish to encourage students to obtain their BRP card before enrolment.

Mistakes on the vignette should be corrected before travel and any BRP error should be promptly corrected in-country

The next roll-out (Phase 2) is expected to take place in mid-April and it is anticipated that by 31 July the roll-out will be complete.