Based on the latest report from SIPO, 35,844 administrative law enforcement cases on patents were handled, up 46.4% in 2015. It's worth noting that this figure marked a 5th year of consecutive growth, with 81.4% more cases during the 12th Five-Year Plan than the prior planned schedule.

In 2015, the national IPR system has handled 14,607 patent disputes and 21,237 patent counterfeit cases, up 77.7% and 30.6% respectively. Among which, 14,202 were patent infringements. IP offices under SIPO nationwide have handled 8,744 patent infringement cases directly, representing 61.6% of the total, up 88.3%.

It is seen that the national IPR system has handled more difficult patent disputes on a year-over-year basis, but at the same time the efficiency has been improved. In 2015, 93.2% of the disputes have been concluded, up 6.2%. Also, 7,644 patent disputes in e-commerce and 2,743 cases involving exhibition have been concluded, representing 1/4 of the total. 27_1234236.html