On July 2, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission issued an advance notice of proposed rulemaking, seeking public comment on its stated intention to collect certain ownership, control and related information for all trading accounts active on U.S. futures exchanges. This information will be collected on a new “Ownership and Control Report” that would be submitted periodically by designated contract markets and other reporting entities. The CFTC envisions that the new report would include, among other things, the trading account number, the trading account’s controller(s), an indication of whether the trading account is an omnibus account, the executing and clearing firms and their respective Trade Capture Report (TCR) identifiers. (TCR is an electronic file that is submitted daily to the CFTC by designated contract markets and that contains trade and related order data for every matched trade facilitated by an exchange, whether executed via open-outcry, electronically, or non-competitively.) The deadline for comments is August 17.

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