In this modern era it is amazing that the Pennsylvania Appellate Courts have not established an electronic filing system. Well, that has finally changed and effective November 1, 2012 you now have the option to file your documents with the Pa Superior, Commonwealth and Supreme Court by an electronic filing system.  What took so long? Electronic filing has been in existence in the Federal Courts and in many Courts Of Common Pleas for years. In fact, Montgomery County Pa. has one of the most advanced electronic filing systems in the State.

The Pa Supreme Court adopted Rule 125 of Rules of Appellate Procedure which is now the advent of electronic filing in Pennsylvania Appellate Courts. Though adopted it is not mandatory and is at the option of the filer.  The detailed procedure is set forth in a per curiam order entered on October 24, 2012. 

It’s almost like the Pa Supreme Court didn’t want to dive into the swimming pool and are just putting their big toe in. While they have adopted electronic filing they are still requiring a filer to submit a written copy of the submission within 7 days of filing.  How archaic.  It is contrary to all other electronic filing systems. Common on, make it mandatory and don’t require attorneys to follow up and submit a paper version. The system will work. It has worked in the Federal Courts and many County Courts and it will work in the Pa Appellate Courts.

So effective November 1, 2012, you now have the convenience of filing your appeals in Pennsylvania through the PACFile electronic filing system. You can file up to 11:59:59 pm.  But you need to remember, that first you need to register. Second, you might still have to paper file by 4:15 pm in the County if they do not have an electronic filing system.