On 24 July 2014, the FCA published the final report on its market study on general insurance (GI) add-ons (following on from its July 2013 market study and March 2014 provisional report). In its provisional report, the FCA had found that competition in GI add-on markets was not effective and that the markets were generally not working for consumers. In its final report, it now confirms that (a) add-ons have a real impact on consumer behaviour and often influence decision-making and (b) add-ons (and standalone purchases) are often poor value for money. The final report summarises the responses received by 65 stakeholders. The FCA reports that the majority of feedback focussed on the proposed remedies rather than on the FCA findings. The FCA rejected concerns raised about its reliance on economic and behavioural theory and that the sample sizes used by the FCA were too limited to draw meaningful conclusions. The final report sets out the FCA's high level response to the feedback received on possible remedies identified in its provisional findings report, such as a proposal to ban default opt-out sales for the sale of GI add-ons. Almost all respondents supported this remedy, with some indicating that they were already taking action on this. The FCA reports that this is the first competition-based market study that it has concluded and the FCA intends to issue a detailed consultation on remedies later this year.