The Office of the Independent Adjudicator for Higher Education has issued new guidance regarding Completion of Procedures letters. The guidance contains practical information on what is expected by the OIA in terms of compliance by universities and relevant subscribing institutions for issuing such letters as a precursor to a student submitting a case to the OIA. A template letter is also proposed by the OIA. We recommend particular caution, however, on two key points. First, the OIA insists on the reasons being given for an institution's decision. In public law, the giving of reasons is not technically a requirement in every case, although it is clearly good practice. In giving reasons, institutions should not use make-weight reasons. Any reasons given will need to stand scrutiny not just by the OIA but also by the Administrative Court if judicial review proceedings are brought subsequently. Secondly, we do not understand how the OIA can suggest that it may continue to consider a case if it has been settled by the student and the institution (see paragraph 5). Surely the basis for any independent review of the student's complaint has evaporated ?