Under the Corporations Information Act (Ontario), corporations are required to file an Annual Return with the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services (the “Ministry”) within six (6) months of the corporation’s financial year-end to update the public record. The Annual Return provides an updated slate of Directors and Officers to the Ministry, as well as any changes to the corporation’s name or address.

For all health and social service providers in Ontario with fiscal years ending March 31, the 2022 Annual Return is due to be filed with the Ministry on or before September 30, 2022.

Last year, many corporations were exempt from filing an Annual Return. Corporations whose Annual Returns were due during May 15, 2021 through to October 18, 2021 were exempt by the Government from filing an Annual Return for 2021. This exemption concluded with the introduction of the Ontario Business Registry on October 19, 2021.

This year, Annual Return filings are required and there are some changes on how Ontario corporations can file their Annual Return. Annual Returns can no longer be fulfilled by completing schedules 546 and 547 of the Corporate Tax Return or form T2. They must instead be completed through the Registry. The Ontario Business Registry allows not-for-profit corporations and other businesses to complete over ninety (90) transactions online, including registrations or filings that were previously submitted by mail or fax, such as Annual Returns. A Company Key is required to access the Ontario Business Registry. The Company Key is not sent automatically to all corporations and an on-line request is required. Corporations that have obtained their Company Key may file the Annual Return directly through ServiceOntario at ontario.ca/businessregistry.