On 1st July 2022, the Ministry of Commence (“MOC”) issued its Notification No. 44/2022 to prescribe 19 official forms in the Myanmar and English languages for trademark matters under the Trademark Law 2019 as follows:

1) TM 1 Form for filing a trademark application;

2) TM 2 Form for appointment of representative(s);

3) TM 3 Form of request for reinstatement of application;

4) TM 4 Form of request for correction of an application;

5) TM 5 Form of request for withdrawal of an application;

6) TM 6 Form of request to limit the list of goods or services under an application;

7) TM 7 Form of request to split an application;

8) TM 8 Form for opposition against a trademark application;

9) TM 9 Form of request for certified a copy of the registration certificate;

10) TM 10 Form of request for amendment to a trademark registration;

11) TM 11 Form of request for renewal of a trademark registration;

12) TM 12 Form of request to record the transfer of a trademark registration;

13) TM 13 Form of request to record the license of a registered trademark;

14) TM 14 Form of request to cancel the recordal of a license of a registered trademark;

15) TM 15 Form of request for invalidation of a registered trademark;

16) TM 16 Form of request on cancellation of a registered trademark;

17) TM 17 Form of request to change the representative(s);

18) TM 18 Form of request for extension of time; and

19) TM 19 Form for filing an appeal with the IP Agency.

The TM 1 Form can be used for refiling the trademarks registered under the old trademark registration system and for filing a new trademark registration. The TM 1 to the TM 18 forms must be filed with the Registrar of Trademarks. The TM 19 Form must be filed with the Chairman of the IP Agency.

The foreign trademark owner must appoint one or several Myanmar representatives for each of the matters. Each TM 2 Form (Power of Attorney) is required specifically for each matter. No general Power of Attorney is allowed. Each TM 2 Form must be notarized by a notary public. The trademark matters under these official forms must be filed digitally through the electronic trademark filing system of the MOC or physically at the filing counters of the MOC.