The joint venture between French cheese manufacturers Bongrain and Sodiaal has been authorised by the European Commission (Commission). The Commission concluded that the merger would not significantly impede effective competition on the cheese market. The joint venture will pool the brands of Coeur de Lion (Bongrain) and Le Rustique (Sodiaal) to produce and sell Camembert, Coulommiers and Brie cheeses. These cheeses can also be sold under retailer brands. The Commission found that in the product market for cheeses in Belgium and France, consumers might move to a retailer brand of the same cheese if the manufacturer-brand was more expensive. In other Member States, these cheeses are still more interchangeable as consumers would not only substitute retailer brands, but were also willing to purchase alternative cheeses altogether if the price is too expensive (e.g. purchasing Brie rather than Camembert). The Commission therefore reached its conclusions using a more general market definition in relation to other Member States.