In Jersey, controls apply to the employment market and to rights to own or occupy property.

The Housing (Jersey) Law 1949 (the "Housing Law"), the Regulation of Undertakings and Development (Jersey) Law 1974 (the "RUD Law") and associated legislation have enabled the States of Jersey to manage immigration and regulate the use of local resources for more than thirty years.

In 2007 a two-phase consultation process was commenced which sought Islanders' views on how the Housing and RUD Laws should be updated. The first phase concerned the proposal to establish a names and address register of all Jersey residents and the introduction of registration cards. In 2009 a second consultation paper set out proposals to replace the Housing and RUD Laws.

On 15 March 2011, the Draft Law was lodged with the States.

A key aim of the Draft Law, in respect of controls placed upon working, is to provide employers with increased ability to manage their staff numbers, in order to reduce bureaucracy and increase efficiency. The States of Jersey anticipate that changes introduced by the Draft Law may cut applications to the Minister by employers, in respect of matters currently falling within the ambit of the existing RUD Law, by as much as 80%.

The Draft Law can be found in the 'Propositions' section of the States Assembly website. For more information on the Draft Law please click here.