Research by Pru Health recently questioned 1,134 employees and 648 bosses about the impact of alcohol at work.

The survey shows that more than 200,000 British workers go to work hung-over on any given day. 83% of the workers say that they do not work at their usual pace with a hangover and 28% say that they cannot concentrate. Another 62% say they just muddle through the day or nod off.

Workers between the age of 18 and 25 are the worst offenders. 19% agreed to having a hangover at least once a month compared with the general average of 17%.

Employers are increasingly recognising the problem of hung-over staff. Nearly 20% of the employers questioned now monitor their staff for signs of excess alcohol intake. However, some employers appear to be more trusting than others. 48% believed that their staff would never be late because of a binge-drinking session.