On June, 13, 2014 the regional gambling authorities of Catalonia (“Direcció General de Tributs i Joc“) officialy adopted the (long-time awaited) call for tender for launching the so-called BCN World gambling resort. Under the said call, gambling operators are invited to apply for an authorization to develop and operate a number of casinos in Salou (in Southern Catalonia).

The Spanish language version of the decision published by the Direcció General de Tributs i Joc is available in this link.

By means of this call, the Catalonian Gambling Authority invites operators to the first phase of the tender that should end up with the awarding of the authorizations that should allow the operation of up to six casinos (at least in this initial stage).

In this respect, emphasis has been put by the Catalan authorities in the need to provide evidences of the financial strength of applicants. Indeed, pursuant to the terms of the call for tender, any applicant is going to be required to provide solid evidences of being financially solvent such as, for example, committing to invest at least Euro 300 Million per casino.  

Applicants are going to be entitled to file their applications in this first phase until July 25. Afterwards, the Catalan authorities will be reviewing the received applications and will select those applicants that have proven their financial strengths. Once this has been done, the selected applicants will access to a second tender, where the filed proposals will be analyzed in depth. This should ultimatelly lead to the granting of the authorizations to those gaming operators that will be allowed to launch and operate one of the Casinos at the BCN World gambling resort.

This second phase will be launched by means of the approval of a new resolution by the gaming authority.

Elisa Lorenzo