Apparently, if you want to complain that an agency in PA improperly redacted information from documents, you have to first pay for and receive the redacted documents.

Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP) received a request from one of its own journalism professors -- how's that for loyalty -- for documents belonging to IUP's foundation (a separate but contractually connected entity).  The foundation cooperated and copied the documents and sent them to IUP.  The copying charges were $118.  IUP then offered the documents to the requester, with various redactions, upon payment of the copying charges.  Instead of paying the copying charges, the requester simply appealed the redactions to OOR.

Although the OOR sided with the requester, the PA Commonwealth Court reversed and said that the request was properly denied.

In fact, the court said that until the requester actually paid the fee, the agency had an absolute right to deny access.  This was the case even though IUP notified the requester what it was offering and what was being redacted and that the appeal was based upon that notice.

The case is IUP v. Loomis, 1960 C.D. 2010, and can be found here.