On September 29th, the SEC Office of Inspector General released its "Review and Analysis of OCIE Examinations of Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities, LLC." Among other things, the report recommends that the SEC establish a specific protocol that explains to OCIE examiners how to identify red flags and potential violations of securities laws; require OCIE examiners to document all substantive interviews, prepare detailed work papers, and log all examinations into a tracking system; establish training and certification procedures for examiners; and require verification of a sample of transactions. On September 30th, the OIG released "Program Improvements Needed within the SEC's Division of Enforcement." This review found that there are several program improvements needed within the Enforcement Division with regard to complaint handling processes, fostering of relationships inside and outside the Division, verification of information with industry experts outside the Commission, timely handling of administrative matters related to opening and closing investigations, effective supervision over investigations, communication of program priorities, and case handling processes.