The UK Food Standards Agency (FSA) has issued draft non-statutory guidance on the EU’s General Food Law Regulation (178/2002) for consultation. It will replace current guidance and advises on:

  • compliance with food and feed safety;
  • traceability and the need to notify; and withdrawal and/or recall of products not conforming with the Regulation’s food and feed safety requirements.

A significant change from the present FSA guidance is the removal of certain best practice provisions relating to food traceability. According to the FSA these provisions, which were inserted by EC guidance, have resulted in disproportionate costs to the food industry. The proposed guidance provides greater discretion to food businesses over the length of time they must maintain traceability records, and provides greater time for the production on demand of traceability records to the competent authorities. The draft guidance is available from the FSA website at, responses are requested by 26 January 2007.