At least 16 coal-fired power plant proposals have been dropped this year, including eight in Texas, due to concerns over global warming and the rising cost of construction. Caught in the middle is Alliant Energy’s proposed coal-fired plant in Wisconsin. According to Alliant, the proposed 300 MW plant, to be built along the Mississippi River in Cassville, is a better alternative than most and the company does not expect it will be dropped. Alliant spokesman Rob Crain says the utility is committed to burning renewable resources for 10 percent of the plant's fuel. The new plant would also upgrade the technology at the existing 200 MW coal-burning generator at Cassville, which would reduce pollution by 90 percent and generate twice as much electricity. Alliant had hoped its application for the plant would be approved in June but the Public Service Commission declared that the application was incomplete and required 13 pages worth of questions to be answered. Alliant plans to file a response with the PSC by the end of the year.