A Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) administrative law judge (ALJ) has denied a request by the company that makes the Nap Nanny® portable baby recliner subject to a CPSC enforcement action to order the commission to “correct and retract an allegedly false and misleading statement it made in a December 27, 2012, press release.” In re Baby Matters, LLC, No. 13-1 (CPSC, decided January 22, 2013). The ALJ also denied the request of Baby Matters LLC that the complaint be dismissed as a sanction for CPSC’s alleged failure to sufficiently correct the statement. According to the ALJ, a retraction request must be made to the CPSC secretary. Because the commission’s decision constitutes final agency action, review may be sought before a federal district court. Additional details about the dispute appear in the January 17, 2013, issue of this Report.