Lawmakers and Governor O’Malley are hoping that new legislation taking effect July 1, 2013 will inject renewed life into an existing business construct previously used primarily for Maryland’s transportation assets. By creating partnerships between the private and public sectors ( public – private partnership = P3) - addressing shortfalls in Maryland’s public asset and infrastructure management – the State is anticipating that a more robust submission and oversight process along with streamlined and clearer requirements will cause new types of government-owned assets and their private sector proponents to join the queue for the P3 structure. The new law provides for more unified terms, conditions and standards for P3 agreements, enhances inspection rights and performance security, and requires concurrent, instead of sequential, 30-day reviews, thus expediting the process. In addition to more traditional requirements for this State-supported program such as meeting specified minority business enterprise targets and prevailing wage and living wage standards, there is also a means for a reporting agency to incentivize the process by reimbursing a participating private entity for the costs incurred to develop even an unsuccessful response to a public notice of solicitation for a P3. The new law also creates an innovative method for the reporting agencies to consider unsolicited P3 proposals – protecting the submitter’s proprietary information, while engaging in a process to evaluate and then solicit similar proposals if the agency decides that the unsolicited P3 proposal meets its needs. Eagerly embracing the new legislation, Maryland’s Department of Transportation issued a Request for Information last week, seeking private sector input on how best to deliver and finance the Maryland National Capital Purple Line and the Baltimore Red Line transit lines. The new P3 legislation will soon be available to contractors relying on such law to aid in financing those transit projects and, hopefully, other future infrastructure projects.