Following what had already been announced for the "National Strategy for Medicinal and Health Products", on 8 November, it was published Decree-Law 75/2016, which makes the seventh amendment to the Legal Framework of pharmacies, as approved by Decree-Law 307/2007, of 31 August. 

The aim of this legal document is to simplify the procedures for reporting and recording situations concerning the change in the ownership of pharmacies. This type of measures necessarily leads to greater accountability of the agents involved in the process of amending the ownership of the property of pharmacies and, consequently, presupposes a reinforcement of subsequent supervision. 

Thee were some of the measures approved in this context:

(i) The change of ownership of the pharmacy to INFARMED will be communicated through electronic means, through an appropriate portal for this purpose;

(ii) INFARMED is no longer obligatorily notifiable and subject to registration of the constitution, alteration or extinction of charges imposed on any social participation of the company owning the pharmacy;

(iii) Only those acts subject to registration of the license of the pharmacy are subject to registration in INFARMED, namely: a) Ownership of the pharmacy and its respective alteration; b) Technical Director; c) Location; d) Pharmacy dependent mobile pharmacy stations.

The new amendments to the legal regime for workshops will enter into force on 8 December 2016.