The Commodity Futures Trading Commission has released the agenda for the Market Risk Advisory Committee (MRAC) public meeting that will be held on January 31.

The public meeting will feature four different panels, in addition to opening remarks from Rostin Behnam, MRAC Sponsor and Commissioner; J. Christopher Giancarlo, CFTC Chairman; and Brian D. Quintenz, a CFTC Commissioner. The panels will discuss the following topics:

  1. the statutory framework and regulatory process related to the listing of new products through self-certification on CFTC-regulated designated contract markets (DCMs) and swap execution facilities;
  2. the CFTC’s authority and surveillance of new products from a risk perspective;
  3. the self-certification process from the perspective of DCMs and derivatives clearing organizations; including product design, the governance process for listing and clearing new products, and oversight; and
  4. the regulatory, legal and policy issues with respect to novel products.

Members of the public can attend the meeting in person or listen to the panels via conference call.

The agenda for the MRAC public meeting is available here.