Damian Clarke, a former equities trader at Schroders Investment Management Limited (Schroders), has pleaded guilty at Southwark Crown Court to two counts of insider trading. Mr Clarke has previously pleaded guilty to seven counts of insider dealing, making nine counts in total. Mr Clarke admitted dealing on the basis of inside information obtained during the course of his employment at Schroders. In his roles as fund manager’s assistant and then equities trader, Mr Clarke received inside information about significant corporate events, mainly anticipated public announcements of mergers and acquisitions. He used this information to place trades using accounts in his own name and that of close family members, in respect of which he had been provided with the account numbers and passwords. The total profits made from Mr Clarke’s insider dealing amount to at least £155,161.98. He will be sentenced on 13 June. (Source: Former equities trader pleads guilty to insider dealing)