A series of amendments have been made to O. Reg. 419/05, Air Pollution - Local Air Quality. The amendments include modifications to the list of approved dispersion models, revised wording to clarify existing provisions, and new and/or substantially amended sections dealing with sulphur compounds, opacity, available exemptions for standby power sources, and the ability of the MOE to require technology reports on available mitigation technologies. The schedules have also been modified. For the revised regulation see  http://www.elaws.gov.on.ca/html/regs/english/elaws_regs_050419_e.htm. For the text of the amendments see  http://www.gov.on.ca/GOPSP/en/graphics/170117.pdf, alongside the previous regulation at  http://www.e-laws.gov.on.ca/html/regs/english/elaws_regs_050419_ev004.htm#BK1.

It should also be noted that a proposal for an order under subsection 32(31.1) of O. Reg. 419/05, through which a Director could order steps taken to advise the public of an altered Schedule 3 standard, is now considered a Class II Proposal for the purposes of the Environmental Bill of Rights (O. Reg. 517/07), requiring public notice on the Environmental Registry.

Finally, the Ambient Air Quality Criteria Regulation (R.R.O. 337) was revoked on Aug. 31, 2007, through O. Reg. 518/07, which will take effect on Aug. 31, 2008.