Australian environmental group Friends of the Earth (FOE ) has issued a report that calls for a ban on the sale of all products, including cosmetics, that contain nanomaterials until “adequate regulation is in place to manage the health and environmental risks of nanotoxicity.”

Noting that the number of products in Australia containing nanomaterials is rapidly growing, despite scientific evidence suggesting that such materials could potentially harm humans, and that Australian companies have “virtually no restrictions” on the import of nanomaterials or the products containing them, report author Jeremy Tager said that “in order to protect the health of the public you [need to] treat new technologies with a level of precaution until you’ve established they’re safe.”

Among other things, the report recommends (i) a moratorium on the production and sale of new products containing nanomaterials until further research is conducted and regulations to protect human health and the environment are in place; (ii) a mandatory and public register of all nanomaterials and all products containing nanomaterials produced, imported and sold or used in Australia; (iii) a “comprehensive and precautionary regulatory regime” whereby all nanomaterials are subject to environmental health and safety assessments as new substances; and (iv) all products containing nanomaterials for sale in Australia be labeled as such. See, May 22, 2014.