A new job in a new country. Important things to remember before you book your ticket:

  • research immigration requirements of that country;
  • make sure you apply for appropriate visa before you travel;
  • bear in mind that the process of obtaining visas can be lengthy;
  • make sure you understand the conditions attached to your visa;
  • if uncertain, seek legal advice;

Many foreign nationals coming to the UK to work, study, marry and live make the mistake of jumping on the first plane and hoping to resolve their immigration status once they are here. The reality is that anyone coming to the UK as a visitor cannot switch into any other immigration category whilst they are here as visitors. They have to return to their home country and apply for clearance to enter the UK through the main door.

If, for example, you find yourself in your dream country doing things for which you do not have permission (the obvious example is working without permission), the authorities can cancel your visa, and you can find yourself being forcibly sent back to Britain –not be pleasant experience! By breaking the immigration laws of the country you may be jeopardising future applications to stay there.

As UK Immigration Law is very complex and subject to constant changes, you should assume that the immigration laws of your dream country will not be a straight forward affair either.