At last the criminal proceedings relating to Max Clifford have drawn to a bitter end.  On Monday 28 April the Public Relations guru was found guilty of 8 counts of indecent assault.  He was sentenced on Friday to 8 years in prison. 

Ironically in his role as a publicist Mr Clifford spent most of his career suppressing stories relating to the private lives of others.  He earned his fame and fortune doing this.  However, under the surface, he had a private life that was riddled with mistrust, and abuse of others.  He used his position of power to commit sexual offences on others who were vulnerable.

Behind the scenes he was grooming children and sexually abusing.  It has been said that:

 “In the wake of the Jimmy Savile revelations, Clifford went on television and cockily predicted that there was much more to come.  Much more came from him when police raided his Surrey home and found a letter in which a woman reminded him graphically of the abuse he visited on her 35 years ago, when she was 15 and he promised to make her a star if she pleasured him.

On the face of it Mr Clifford’s behaviour would appear to be calculating and manipulative. One of his victims has had to live with the psychological effects of the abuse for the last 35 years.  However, I doubt that he has given it a second thought until the latest events following his arrest and the criminal proceedings.

The criminal proceedings have now concluded.  It is safe to say that there will be civil proceedings in the pipeline and it would only be fair to the victims concerned that these be conducted expediently.  These victims have already been through the harrowing process of giving evidence at the criminal trial as Mr Clifford was unable to face his fears and admit to his crimes at the outset.