The CBI recently published the September edition of its Solvency II Matters newsletter. This contains updates on issues including (a) introduction of new PCF, Head of Actuarial Function, from 1 January 2016 and (b) that a new set of draft conditions of authorisation and revised certificates of authorisation will be issued to (re)insurers (allowing 21 days for comment by the (re)insurer) for the purpose of Solvency II. Notably, the newsletter emphasises that (re)insurers' boards of directors should be moving beyond a 'compliance/implementation' approach to Solvency II; and towards considering long-term strategic implications such as review of policies, processes and business model. An overview of the reorganisation of the insurance directorate within the Central Bank is also provided, reflecting the amalgamation of the general and life supervision divisions and the establishment of a new Advisory, Analytics and Actuarial Division.