The Italian Communication Regulatory Authority (Autorità per le Garanzie nelle ComunicazioniAGCOM), by way of Resolution No. 161/17/CIR, has launched a public consultation aimed at possibly amending the Italian numbering plan so as to regulate the numbering resources that would be used for eSIM technology.

The technological evolution is now leading towards the development of new SIM cards that can be remotely programmed, so-called eSIM. Through this consultation, AGCOM intends to assess whether and how to introduce modifications into the Italian numbering plan which would open the door to the identification of eSIM. Such identification would be based on the attribution of Issuer Identifier Numbers (IIN, as provided in ITU Recommendation E.118) for the generation of codes/tools that ensure secure access to online services and safer electronic transactions. These are essentially identifying codes, both ICC-ID type (Integrated Circuit Card Identifier) and Electronic Identification type (EID).

Interested parties may submit their comments and views to AGCOM by 2 January 2018. Such parties may also ask to be heard by AGCOM in the course of in-person meetings by applying by 22 December 2017.

Resolution 161/17/CIR is dated 5 October 2017 and it has been made available through publication on AGCOM website since 2 November 2017. The text is available here.