Amazon platforms are, collectively, one of the main concerns of intellectual property rights holders facing online counterfeiting, as evidenced by testimonials provided by right holders to the European Commission and the US Department of Commerce (,,,,,, 2018-10-18. See also, 2020-03-16). This is a constancy that the American giant is trying to dispel through various collaborative or technical means that it highlights in a report published in May 2021 (Amazon, Brand Protection Report, May 2021).

The work carried out hand in hand with the holders of intellectual property rights is decisive. In this regard, the report emphasizes Amazon’s tools, notably Brand Protection Registry, Transparency, and Amazon Counterfeit Crimes Unit. For example, Amazon states it has strengthened the verification of the sellers’ identity, which should, in principle, help reduce recidivism rates so decried by owners of intellectual property rights. The American giant also recalls pursuing infringers in court (see, e.g.,, 2020-06-23).

Finally, effectively combating counterfeiting requires the involvement of banks. On this point, Amazon recalls that it has developed a partnership with financial institutions to follow the money route (Payment Service Provider Program).