In a dispute between providers of payroll services (“payroll providers”) and the reinsurers of a movie, the Ninth Circuit, which previously held that the reinsurers were liable for the obligations of the movie’s producers, affirmed an award of attorney’s fees that were incurred in an arbitration between the payroll providers and the movie producers, and in the payroll providers’ related efforts to confirm and collect the arbitration award. The Ninth Circuit held that the underlying arbitration provision in the contracts between the payroll providers and the movie producers provided that the prevailing party would be entitled to attorney’s fees. Under California law, an arbitration provision that permits the recovery of fees includes fees that were incurred in related judicial proceedings. However, the Ninth Circuit reversed the fees award for the payroll providers’ litigation with the reinsurers, reasoning that the arbitration clause and other provisions in the contracts did not entitle a party to attorney’s fees incurred in litigation between the parties. The Ninth Circuit also affirmed the district court’s decision to award prejudgment interest, but held that it should run from the time that the amount of damages became certain – not the time that liability to pay was established. Scie LLC v. XL Reinsurance America, Inc., Case No. 08-56502 (9th Cir. Sept. 27, 2010).