The Federal Trade Commission has announced revised thresholds applicable to Hart-Scott-Rodino ("HSR") notification requirements, which will be effective February 25, 2016. The revised thresholds are: 

Size-of-Transaction Test: The threshold used in the size-of-transaction test will increase from $76.3 million to $78.2 million

Size-of-Persons Test: The sales and assets thresholds used in the size-of-persons test will increase from $15.3 million to $15.6 million and from $152.5 million to $156.3 million, respectively. The threshold below which the size-of-persons test applies will increase from $305.1 million to$312.6 million

Greater Notification Thresholds: These thresholds, which apply to acquisitions of voting securities made within five years after expiration or termination of the waiting period of a previous HSR filing for an acquisition of voting securities from the same issuer, were revised as follows:

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Filing Fees: Filing fee thresholds based upon the value of assets or voting securities being acquired will be revised as follows: 

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