Trademark Infringement Will be Added to Blacklist of Violation and Dishonesty Company

Recently in Beijing, State Administration for  Industry and Commerce (SAIC) released the Interim Measures for Blacklist of Violation and Dishonesty Company. It’s the first departmental regulation drafted by State Council against dishonest companies and will go into effect as of 1 April, 2016.

The Measures listed several actions of law violation including: receiving three administrative penalties in two years for unfair competition; receiving two administrative  penalties  in  five  years  for  trademark

The Measures states clearly that the companies’ information in blacklist will be displayed to the public through information publication system, and will be shared among government departments for joint punishment.

Guangdong Comprehensively Reinforces IP Use and Protection

Recently on Guangdong Innovation-driven Development Conference, Provincial Secretary Chunhua HU said that Guangdong will comprehensively reinforce the use and protection of intellectual property.

Xiaodan ZHU, Governor of Guangdong Province indicated that Guangdong is striving for breakthroughs in nine technological fields including computer and communication integrated chip, intelligent robot, stem cell and tissue engineering; promoting original innovation of technical equipments etc.; strengthening the IP management of universities and institutes, also supporting the establishment of incubator fund for scientific research; developing evaluation and reward system, improving the combining system of technological innovation and intellectual property.

Governor ZHU also said that Guangdong Province will energetically develop the intellectual property services, strictly protecting and improving the intellectual property rights system.

The SIPO Sets up a New Patent Examination Cooperation Center

Recently, a new patent examination cooperation center of the SIPO has began construction in Fuzhou City, Fujian Province. It’s a key project in 2016, and will be completed before 2018. Also, it’s a joint project of the SIPO, provincial and municipal government. With a total investment of 440 million yuan (68.2 million USD), this spacious center covers an area of 63 acres and a construction area of 63,000 square meters, which could accommodate 1000 examiners to handle 35,000 patent applications every year. It will bring great convenience to people of cross-strait, especially to Taiwan compatriots.

China Maintains the Most Fast-Growing European Patent Filer

The 2016 annual report of the European Patent Office (EPO) pointed out that China maintains the most fast-growing European patent filer. With a patent filing number of 5,721 (22.2% increase compared to the data in 2014), China ranked the eighth among all the countries. The EPO stated that strong growth of the Chinese economy has become an important driving force in European patent development.

The report shows that among all patent applications, 47% are from Europe and the rest are from non-European countries, among which the United States, Japan, South Korea and China taking the first four places. Digital communication continues to be the most outstanding technical field in Chinese enterprises. Patent applications in this field grew by 43% as a whole, among which, the ones filed by Chinese applicants account for 36%.

Prsident of the EPO Mr. Benoît Battistelli said that China's growth in the number of patent applications is impressive, reflecting the vitality of innovation and large economic demand of exploring the overseas markets.