There has been much press coverage recently on an alleged ban being introduced in France on checking work emails after 6pm.  In fact, the position is far less onerous than reported.  The confusion arose from a new national collective agreement that was entered into between Syntec and Cinov (employer organisations in the digital and consultancy industry) and CFDT and CGC (trade unions) which was intended to amend an older working time collective agreement from 1999. Importantly, there is no outright ban on checking working emails after 6pm or indeed any other specific time frame.  The new agreement merely imposes an obligation on the employer to disconnect remote communication tools where they would interfere with the relevant employees exercising their rights to minimum rest time.  The relevant employees are those deemed to be "autonomous executives".  At present, the agreement only binds those employers who are affiliated with Syntec and Cinov, unless the French government decides to decree that the agreement should be applicable to all companies within the digital and consultancy sector at a later date.