The ACCC authorised Qantas and Jetstar for coordination involving four Asian based Jetstar branded joint ventures on passenger and cargo services, predominantly on intra-Asian routes, until 31 March 2018.  The four joint ventures include: Jetstar Asia (joint venture between a Singapore citizen and Qantas), Jetstar Pacific (Vietnam Airlines and Qantas), Jetstar Japan (Japan Airlines and Qantas) and Jetstar Hong Kong (China Eastern Airlines and Qantas).  Under this agreement, they will coordinate on all network, scheduling, pricing, marketing, purchasing, customer service and resourcing decisions.

The proposed conduct does not extend to:

  • coordination between any of the following full service airlines: Qantas Airways; Japan Airlines, China Eastern Airlines or Vietnam Airlines;
  • coordination between a Jetstar joint venture airline and a full service airline that is not an owner or significant shareholder of that Jetstar joint venture airline, except in multiple overlap situations as described above;
  • Jetstar Airways and Japan Airlines to coordinate on services operated between Australia and Japan; and
  • future unspecified Jetstar branded joint venture airlines.