(Article 50, I-2° and IV of the 2015 Amending Finance Act)

An additional tax on registration duties or on land registration tax is created for the benefit of the Ile-de-France region. This tax is intended to compensate the loss of revenue resulting from the reform of the tax for the creation of offices, commercial premises and warehouses

This tax applies to the transfers for a consideration of offices, commercial premises and warehouses located in the Ile-de-France region. Only the transfers of new buildings completed for less than five years and subject to VAT are excluded from its scope. This concerns new constructions or significant works on existing buildings, that could be considered as new buildings.

The rate of the additional tax is equal to 0.6%, and it therefore increases the standard rate and the reduced rate applicable to the sales of offices, commercial premises and warehouses covered by this regime. As of today all the departments located in  Ile-de-France have voted in favor of the rise of the right of sale, and most other French departments have also adopted a 4.50% rate. In these departments, the standard rate is thus increased to 6.40665% and the reduced rate to 1.37498%.

The rules related to tax basis, tax collection, tax audit, penalties, guarantees, securities and privileges applicable to this additional tax are the same as the duties to which it is added.

This additional tax applies to deeds and transfers concluded as from January 1, 2016.