On 4 October 2016, the Ukrainian Parliament passed the first reading of a draft law that will significantly help facilitate the employment of foreign nationals in Ukraine (the “Draft Law”).

The principal changes to be introduced by the Draft Law are as follows:

  • it significantly reduces the overall number of documents required for a work permit for a foreigner in Ukraine;
  • certain categories of foreign employees – white-collar workers, IT specialists, secondees and performers – benefit from a simplified work permitting procedure;
  • grounds for refusal to issue or extend work permits are clearly defined and reduced to a minimum;
  • clear rules are introduced for the employment of a foreigner by two or more Ukrainian companies; and
  • a foreigner may now hold two job positions at one Ukrainian company at the same time – a permanent one plus another one on a temporary basis.

The Draft Law, if adopted, is an important step forward to simplifying the investment climate in Ukraine.

Legislation: The Draft Law No 4541 On Amendments of Certain Legal Acts to Cancel Barriers for Foreign Investments.