The Care Quality Commission (CQC) has announced that it will provide an updated quality and risk profile (QRP) to all NHS trusts from September 2010. Designated leads for each trust can gain direct access to their organisation’s profile from the CQC website. QRPs are a tool that the CQC uses to gather and store information about a provider to enable them to assess risks and then prompt regulatory action where necessary.

The trusts were given an initial version of QRP on registration in April but the September version has been updated and includes information on ongoing monitoring of compliance.  

The updated QRP has a statistical risk model and contains a risk estimate of each registration outcome. The CQC says that the QRP is not a judgment about a trust but allows them to take more risk based, effective and proportionate regulatory action.  

The QRP will be shared with PCTs and SHAs from this month. The QRP will not be available to members of the public but the CQC is currently developing plans for public facing “provider profiles” which will be openly available on its website early in 2011. For social care and private healthcare providers, the CQC says an updated QRP will be available by spring 2011.  

The QRP will provide trusts with information that the CQC has gathered about them and their likely approach in respect of regulatory action in the future and are therefore an extremely important document to review and consider carefully.