The Management Measures on Work Ability Assessment of Work-Injured Employees came into force on April 1, 2014. Its main content includes:

1. Applicant of Assessment:

Apart from injured employee and the employer, his/her close relatives may represent him/her to apply for the first instance work ability assessment, re-examination or final examination where he/she is unable to make it due to health issue or other reasons.

2. Door-to-Door Assessment Service:

If injured employee cannot take the assessment on time for cause, the time of on-site assessment can be rescheduled upon the approval of the work ability assessment committee, and the assessment conclusion could be extended accordingly. For those work-injured employees who have difficulty getting around, the work ability assessment committee may invite experts to conduct door-to-door assessment.

3. Time Limit on Assessment Conclusion and its Delivery:

The work ability assessment committee should make an assessment conclusion within 60 days upon application. It may have an extra 30 days to make the conclusion if the injury is complicated and medical issues are much involved. The work ability assessment committee should deliver the assessment conclusion to the employee and the employer within 20 days since the assessment conclusion issuance date and inform the social insurance center of the conclusion as well.

KWM Comments: The Management Measures on Work Ability Assessment of Work-Injured Employees updates provisions regarding applicant of assessment and time limit on delivery of assessment conclusion. Employees and employers may refer to such provisions when applying for work ability assessment.