The Canadian government recently announced an injection of $75 million into Canada's food safety system to further improve Canada's ability to prevent, detect and respond to future foodborne illness outbreaks. In addition, the government announced they will act on all 57 recommendations issued by the Independent Investigator for the Listeriosis Investigative Review. The investment builds on the Government's commitments through the Food and Consumer Safety Action Plan implemented in 2008. Among other initiatives, the investment will allow for 166 new food safety staff to be hired, 70 of whom will act as inspectors in the ready-to-eat meat market. Further details regarding the $75 million investment and the activities to be implemented can be found at:

Just days before the announcement from the Canadian government, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration ('FDA') opened an electronic portal, the Reportable Food Registry ('RFP'), that requires industry stakeholders to report within 24 hours any reasonable probability that an article of food is likely to cause severe health issues or death. Further details and the RFP Guidance issued by the U.S. FDA can be found at: