EU Parliament Approves 2030 Targets

Confirming a January 9 position by the environment and industry committees February 5, the European Parliament voted in favor of the European Union adopting binding greenhouse gas reduction, renewable energy, and energy efficiency targets for 2030. The proposal would require member states to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 40 percent compared to 1990 levels, to achieve a 40 percent energy efficiency savings from business as usual levels, and to have renewables provide 30 percent of consumed energy. Member states will consider the nonbinding resolution in March.

Cities Lead Climate Efforts

United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change Executive Director Christiana Figueres told the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group summit in Johannesburg February 5 that national governments should follow cities’ example on climate issues, removing regulatory barriers in order to hasten action on climate change. The group released a report, “Climate Action in Megacities Volume 2.0,” the same day, showing that mayors across the C40 cities were driving positive change, nearly doubling climate activity since 2011, with more than 8,000 efforts underway.