Although it was created in July 2019, the Brazilian Data Protection Office (ANPD) has started to show its operationalization. Two months after the presidential decree setting forth its regimental structure and one month after the appointment of its Board of Directors, the ANPD’s official website was made available yesterday, December 7th, 2020 (

The website is simple and intuitive and offers the communication channels from the Office of the Comptroller General’s ombudsman and information access. The user can file a complaint, compliment or suggest debureaucratization measures and public service improvements. Information from the Federal Public Administration can also be requested using the same channels. The ANPD itself is not yet listed as one of the entities to which the user can address his request.   

Considering that the administrative sanctions brought by the LGPD are applicable as of August 1st, 2021, the ANPD’s website is expected to be improved in the coming months. Such improvements are important in the sense of enabling the direct and easier contact with data subjects and civil entities, as well as simplifying the access to the LGPD’s guidelines and regulations.